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Buying a memorial can be very confusing due to the almost unlimited array of colors, sizes, designs and prices.  The best way to really understand your options is to visit with us in your home or in our showroom where we can show you exactly what the differences are.  However, we believe the more information you have the better decision you can make, so we’d like to get you started.

Choosing Granite, an array of colors from all over the world!

One of the most difficult parts of buying a memorial is knowing whether you are really comparing apples to apples when comparing prices.  Granite colors that appear similar, and may even have similar names, can actually be of widely varying quality and price.  So often customers will see a lower price on something that looks similar and assume they are getting a better deal, when they are actually buying a lower quality granite or a much different style of stone.

Will my stone fade or weather?

Almost all granite used for cemetery memorials will last essentially forever.  Granite is one of the hardest substances on earth and has proven its permanence throughout history.  However, there is a huge range of granites and some are much better suited for memorials than others.

Issues that can arise are granites that absorb water and become hard to read when wet, granites that are porous and at greater risk of staining if a foreign substance hits them (tree sap, weedeater oil, etc..), granites that do not have high contrast between the polished and carved areas, making designs difficult to see, and veins that run through the stone which can disrupt the design and could even lead to the stone cracking.

Prices of granite, why do the costs vary so much?

The price of granite is determined by a number of factors, similar to the reasons there are a wide range of prices for gemstones.  The most important is the availability of the granite.  Related to this is the ease in finding appropriate sized slabs of granite with consistent color and without defects.  Some granites are hugely plentiful and thus less expensive, other granites require huge percentages to be cut away to find a slab suitable for a memorial, and thus, like gemstones, are much more rare and expensive.

Are there more factors to consider?

Other factors include the shipping cost for the granite, especially granites from remote locations around the world, the cost of cutting the stone, which can vary extensively from quarry to quarry, and the speed of production.  Many stones can be cut less expensively, especially overseas, but will often take 6 months or more to receive, whereas they can be produced by a domestic quarry for a higher price, but delivered within 1-2 months.

OK, I’m ready to start designing my memorial, what do I do now?

We can help you sort out all of these issues to find the color of granite you want which will not only work well with your design but also fit within your budget and timeframe.  Call or email us today to arrange an appointment in our Nebraska City showroom or in your own home to discuss designs, granite options, and prices.  Once we understand your desires, budget and the story you want to tell, our memorial artist will create full color drawings for you to choose the exact design you want.