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Lancaster County and Lincoln Nebraska Cemeteries

Here is a list of cemeteries in Lancaster County, Nebraska, including the city of Lincoln, Nebraska.  If you need to contact the cemetery caretakers of any of these cemeteries, please call or email us and we will likely be able to put you in touch with the correct person.  Or if you would prefer, we can contact them for you to find out information such as costs of graves, flower & decoration policies, burial requirements or cemetery memorial requirements.


Asplund Cemetery, Nebraska
Bennet Cemetery, Bennet, Nebraska
Bergman Cemetery, Nebraska
Bethlehem Cemetery, Nebraska
Buhrmann Cemetery, Centerville, Nebraska
Buhrmann Cemetery, Sprague, Nebraska
Calvary Cemetery, Lincoln, Nebraska
Cathedral of the Risen Christ Cemetery, Lincoln, Nebraska
Cedar Hill Cemetery, Cedar Hill, Nebraska
Centerville Cemetery, Centerville, Nebraska
Cheney Cemetery, Cheney, Nebraska
Christ United Methodist Columbarium Cemetery, Lincoln, Nebraska
College View Cemetery, Lincoln, Nebraska
Congregational Cemetery, Hallam, Nebraska
Danish Cemetery, Davey, Nebraska
Denton Sunnyside Cemetery, Denton, Nebraska
Dietz Cemetery, Firth, Nebraska
Emerald Cemetery, Emerald, Nebraska
Ewegen-Gill Cemetery, Kramer, Nebraska
Fairview Cemetery, Lincoln, Nebraska
First Lutheran Church Columbarium, Lincoln, Nebraska
First Plymouth Church Columbarium, Lincoln, Nebraska
Firth Cemetery, Firth, Nebraska
Hallam Community Cemetery, Hallam, Nebraska
Hallam Zion Cemetery, Hallam, Nebraska
Hickman Cemetery, Hickman, Nebraska
Highland Cemetery, Centerville, Nebraska
Holland Cemetery, Holland, Nebraska
John Sothan Family Cemetery, Hallam, Nebraska
Jordan Cemetery, Waverly, Nebraska
Kramer Community Cemetery, Kramer, Nebraska
Lincoln Memorial Park Cemetery, Lincoln, Nebraska
Lincoln Regional Center Cemetery, Lincoln, Nebraska
Little Salt Township Cemetery, Raymond, Nebraska
Malcolm Cemetery, Malcolm, Nebraska
Messiah Lutheran Church Columbarium Cemetery, Lincoln, Nebraska
Mount Carmel Cemetery, Lincoln, Nebraska
Nebraska State Penitentiary Cemetery, Lincoln, Nebraska
Oak Creek Cemetery, Raymond, Nebraska
Olive Branch Cemetery, Hallam, Nebraska
Panama Cemetery, Panama, Nebraska
Pella Cemetery, Panama, Nebraska
Pierce Cemetery, Nebraska
Roca Cemetery, Roca, Nebraska
Rolling Acres Pet Cemetery, Nebraska
Rosehill Cemetery, Waverly, Nebraska
Saint John Lutheran Church Cemetery, Kramer, Nebraska
Saint Johns Cemetery, Nebraska
Saint Joseph Cemetery, Nebraska
Saint Patrick’s Cemetery, Davey, Nebraska
Saint Pauls Cemetery, Malcolm, Nebraska
Saltillo-Simmons Cemetery, Lincoln, Nebraska
Schultz Cemetery, Nebraska
Stagecoach Lake Cemetery, Hickman, Nebraska
State Hospital Cemetery, Lincoln, Nebraska
Stockfeldt Cemetery, Sprague, Nebraska
Swiggart Family Cemetery, Hickman, Nebraska
Tothill Cemetery, Davey, Nebraska
Trinity Lutheran Cemetery, Walton, Nebraska
Uphoff Pioneer Cemetery, Kramer, Nebraska
Waverly Cemetery, Waverly, Nebraska
Wesley Chapel Cemetery, Nebraska
Westminster Presbyterian Church Columbarium Cemetery, Lincoln, Nebraska
Wyuka Cemetery, Lincoln, Nebraska
Yankee Hill Cemetery, Lincoln, Nebraska
Zion Lutheran Cemetery, Lincoln, Nebraska

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Rude Memorial Chapel, in southeastern portion of Wyuka Cemetery in Lincoln, Nebraska